Black Spire Outpost is located on the remote Outer Rim planet of Batuu and over time the villagers there have developed their own unique phrases and terminology you may not be familiar with. Here’s a list of some of what we’ve heard so far of the local lingo and we’ll be updating this list as we learn more. The citizens of Batuu are quite creative and playful with visitors

Bright Suns / Suns Up: Greetings (Daytime)

Rising Moons: Greetings (Nighttime)

May the Spires keep you / Good journey / Til the Spire! / May the Force be with you (only to Resistance): Farewell

Only the Ancients Know: I don’t know

Data Pad: Cellphone or Tablet

Refresher: Restroom

Hydrator: Water Fountain

Youngling: Child

Youngling Transport: Stroller

Traveler / Off-Worlder: Guests visiting Batuu

For the Order: Phrase declaring support for the First Order

Image Capture / Scan : Photo

Ignite the Spark: A Resistance Greeting and Exclamation refers to inspiring people to join the Resistance

Light the Fire: A Resistance response to “Ignite the Spark”

Off-World / Homeplanet: Earth, Disneyland

Credits: Dollars (only when exchanging money with a vendor, you cannot pay for merchandise or food with the Galactic Credits in the Disney Play app experience, think of those more as experience points in a game, they can be used as a virtual currency for some items in the Disney Play app)

Blue Passport / Credential / Frequent Traveler Card: Annual Pass used for discounts

Credit Reduction: Annual Pass Discount

The Pink Spire: Disneyland Castle

Happy Rotation Day / Happy Day of Birth: Happy Birthday