Disney has been unveiling the new land to the media starting today and the embargo for them to start publishing photos, videos and articles just lifted at 6 PM Pacific.

We’ll continue sharing links to our favorite articles and videos below, and then try to have our memories wiped before we punch it to hyperspace for our own visit 8 AM on opening day this Friday 5/31.

UPDATE: Most of these reporters had just a few hours in the land earlier today, so we’ll be seeing more details and analysis tonight and tomorrow after they’ve had a chance to breathe and process. We may also need to lay down and take some deep breaths after seeing what lies below.

We’re going to avoid reposting photos here, we’ll be shooting our own reconnaissance images and video as well as some of our favorite Batuuan looks on Friday morning and sharing them on our Instagram Stories and in a gallery on our site.

SPOILER ALERT: It kind of goes without saying, but there are lots of spoilers in all of the articles and videos below, depending on how sensitive you are to them. There will be pictures, video and descriptions of pretty much everything and every experience in the land (yes, even the lightsaber building), so if you’re wanting to stay fresh and unspoiled, “move along, move along.” We have already seen too much and may need to go have our memories wiped, but in the meantime just so incredibly excited!