The Disney Play app was just updated to include the interactive Datapad experiences that will be available in Galaxy’s Edge.

We were sitting just outside Black Spire Outpost when news dropped of the the update. We immediately downloaded it and found ourselves surprisingly able to access much of the app, except for features that require being within Bluetooth iBeacon range or visual proximity to activate. We played around for a while and grabbed a bunch of screenshots before we realized today everyone else posting about it could only access the profile page. See below for the full gallery and details.

Everyone can download the app, go through the setup tour and view the profile for their character, where you choose whether to align yourself with the Resistance, the First Order or forge your own path as a Scoundrel.

The Profile tab includes all the info about your adventures in Black Spire: Number of Galactic Credits, Equipment you can get for your character (Outfits, Weapons, Cargo, Parts & Scraps), Star Maps (The Interior, New Territories, The Slice, Trailing Sectors, Western Reaches, Unknown Regions), Schematics (Ships and Data), Droid Data (Memories), Transmissions (detailed below) and Titles you can unlock by doing different tasks or reaching certain achievements. It’s mentioned in the setup tutorial that you can trade items in your profile.

The transmissions you can tune into for more of the story of what’s going on in Black Spire include: Dok’s Den Dealings, Kase Double-Cross, A Strange Feeling, A Lifelong Companion, Debts to Oga, Life in the Outpost, Dhoran’s Mistake, DJ R-3X, Droid Problems, Resistance Operatives, First Order Comms, OTS Recruitment, Monkey Lizard Sighting.

When you launch the experience you are asked to select between 1 and 5 players, so sounds like you will be able to team up and play in a group with others.

There are locations on the stylized Map of the different interactive things you can use your tools panel on to scan, hack, tune, translate and interact with.

There is an audio translation feature if there are any alien languages you don’t understand being spoken, as well as a camera-based visual and manual entry translation features to decipher the Aurabesh language seen throughout the Star Wars movies and the land.

There’s also a Jobs board, which it says will list tasks you can take on for the residents of Black Spire. This section was empty except under Advanced it said you’ll be contacted to start a Scoundrel-aligned job called Outpost Control where the factions will compete against each other to control the surveillance control panels around the land.

Disney Imagineering Executive Creative Director Asa Kalama walks through some of the experience and explains the Outpost Control at Star Wars Celebration 2019

Cast Members who attended the preview were told the Datapad will be the mechanism for how you perform in the Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction affecting interactions with other characters like the bounty hunter Harkos in the cantina that we’ve all heard so much about. We don’t yet have details on how exactly that will work yet as the Cast Members were not able to use their phones during the previews and it’s not clear from what is now available to view in the app. It may either be tied into the Jobs section or another feature that is location-based near the Falcon.

We definitely suggest downloading the Disney Play app to your data pad, phone or tablet before you make the trip to Black Spire Outpost. The app is so large you are not able to download on iOS over cellular and we had trouble downloading with the notoriously spotty Disneyland WiFi but were eventually able to get it to work.

Entertainment Weekly also has a fantastic article that includes Disney Imagineers who worked on the app explaining the story and background behind many of the features and is definitely worth a read before your visit.

We’ll be updating this article as we learn more and can experience it for ourselves on opening day May 31st!