UPDATE 1/19/2020: Disney is now using the Boarding Pass system for the popular new Rise of the Resistance attraction instead of to access the land itself. Guests are limited to one Boarding Pass per day, but otherwise system works the same.

On 12/18/2019 Disney announced going forward they would only be allowing guests to join Boarding Groups starting at the official park opening time even if guests are allowed into the park earlier than that. They will also be distributing Backup Boarding Groups once the initial groups are all full, if at the end of the evening there is additional capacity available for the attraction, guests in these Backup groups will receive a push notification from the My Disney Experience app (provided they have push notification enabled).

Previously at Disneyland the virtual queue “Boarding Passes” were only used for access to the land on June 24th, the first day the land was fully open to the public at Disneyland. Similarly in Florida at Hollywood Studios it was only used on opening day August 29th. Since then, Galaxy’s Edge status at on both coasts has remained “Open” and guests can just walk right in and enjoy it at their leisure during regular park operating hours.

We finally have official info courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog, on the virtual queue Boarding Pass process. We were back on Batuu West ourselves on June 24th to try out these new systems and come up with strategies and tips to help you best experience Black Spire Outpost with these new systems in place. We’ll be gathering other intel and updating this article as we learn more.

‘Boarding Pass’ Virtual Queue Process

Rather than just sitting in a standby line all day, Disney has implemented a new virtual queue system, similar to a FastPass. You’ll be able to see the capacity status in the Disneyland or My Disney Experience app. You’ll be able to book Boarding Passes in the app for your party to enter the virtual queue for the land.

You’ll be assigned a Boarding Group number and once it’s your turn to enter you’ll be given a push notification on your smartphone with 2-hours to return and enter at the designated entrance.

You won’t be given a specific return time when you request to join a Boarding Group, but will be given a general estimate of the time like “Late Morning” or “Early Afternoon”. In the app, you will be able to see what Groups are currently boarding, and a progress bar showing the Groups ahead of you, but again not a specific return time.

Carlye Wisel at Travel and Leisure has also confirmed that unlike MaxPass, which lets guests enter either Disneyland Park or California Adventure before booking FastPasses resort-wide, all guests in your party will need to have scanned into Disneyland Park or Hollywood Studios Park in Florida before joining a Boarding Group and additional guests cannot be added to your group once the request has been made.