UPDATED 1/19/20: The blockbuster new attraction Rise of the Resistance is now open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida and Disneyland in California and for the time being the attraction REQUIRES using the Boarding Pass virtual queue system. There is absolutely no standby access for the attraction, so acquiring a boarding pass is the only way to experience it on your visit.

Starting December 18th Disney announced going forward they would only be allowing guests to join Boarding Groups starting at the official park opening time even if guests are allowed into the park earlier and is now also limiting guests to one Boarding Group per day.

We suggest making sure you’re signed up with a Disney account, signed into the app and have your entire group’s tickets linked in the app prior to entering the park. You want to plan your arrival to the park to ensure that you and your entire party are scanned into the park before the official park opening time. There is however no advantage as far as getting a Boarding Pass to being in the parks earlier than that, so lining up super early won’t help your chances.

We also suggest just before the official park opening time to tap into the Boarding Group screen on the app and then tap “My Status” button, at the moment your phone says it’s park open time then swipe down on that page to refresh it to then join a Boarding Group.

The available boarding groups have typically been entirely booking up for the day within just a few minutes of the official park opening time, so be prepared to act quickly.

Disney is also distributing “Backup” Boarding Groups once the initial groups are all full, so if at the end of the day there’s additional capacity available, guests in these Backup groups will receive a push notification from the app (provided they have push notification enabled). The backup groups have also been booking up entirely within just a few minutes of park opening time.

If you get a boarding group, when it’s your groups turn to ride you’ll be sent a push notification from the app and will have a 2-hour return window. This allows you to experience other things in the land and park you’re in.

Hollywood Studios has been opening earlier than the official opening time in the days and weeks after the attraction opened, with some guests arriving and starting to queue up outside the park as early as 4 or 5 AM.

Disneyland Resort parking structures open 90 minutes prior to the official park opening time and starting to allow guests into the park to be held on Main Street and in the Hub area in front of the castle until about 10-15 minutes prior to official park opening time.

The attraction uses multiple different ride systems and by most accounts is a complex technological and storytelling magnum opus from Disney’s Imagineering team. With all of that state-of-the-art technology though, it has experienced periodic downtime. The attraction on both coasts has typically been going down 2-4 times per day and coming back up typically within an hour. There is no easy way to tell the attraction is down other than no new boarding groups are called.

Certain days just after the attraction opened, those closures caused guests with high-number boarding passes to not actually get to experience the attraction, when that happened Disney went above and beyond in customer service by giving those guests a free 1-day ticket for park and a FastPass valid to ride the attraction. Guests in the “Backup” Boarding Groups are not included in those Guest Relations remedies if they are unable to ride.