Disneyland held Cast Member previews this week of Galaxy’s Edge and and it’s now been confirmed to us that next to the display of the costumes at a shop in the land, there was signage reminding guests of the Disney Parks No-Costume policy for guests ages 14+.

This lines up exactly with everything else we’ve previously heard confirmed by the OC Register that Disney’s costume policy for guests age 14+ will still be in full-effect. When Disneyland Vice President Kris Theiler was asked about the costume policy he told them, “We believe that our current costume policy allows a lot of Disney bounding and opportunity to come and live your story.”

Check out the Costume and Disney Bounding section of our FAQ for more information on the costume policy, what is and isn’t allowed and then take a look at our curated idea lists on Amazon to help figure out what you can wear.

Signage next to Jedi robes in Galaxy's Edge: Theme park rules prohibit costumes worn by guests age 14 and older. For costumes worn in the theme parks by guests age 13 and younger, please take care to ensure proper length and fit as clothing that drags on the ground is prohibited.
Signage next to Jedi robes for sale inside Galaxy’s Edge