Reservations just to get into Galaxy’s Edge are no longer needed starting June 24, 2019 at Disneyland, we’re working on an updated strategy and tips guide, but in the meantime suggest you check out our article on the virtual queue Boarding Pass and new Cantina/Savi’s Lightsabers reservation systems.

After visiting Batuu ourselves on opening day, combined with the experiences and advice of many other visitors, we’ve put together some strategic tips to help maximize your time in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. In general, you want to be smart and zig when the masses zag, with a couple of big exceptions for the most popular and difficult to get into experiences.

It is highly possible information or operating procedures for experiences and queues within the land can change as Disney tests and tries out different methods of crowd control over time, especially in these early weeks and months. We’ll do our best to update things here as that happens, and but will also be sharing the latest information on our Twitter.

UPDATE 6/15: Disneyland has now started letting reservation holders add additional guests to their reservation up to 5 total guests. In our experience, especially on the weekend when more people are available to go to the park, this has greatly increased the number of people in the land. The advice below all still stands based on our recent visit, but be prepared for denser crowds and longer waits for everything.

Get your coordinates from the navicomputer before you make the jump to hyperspace

We definitely suggest familiarizing yourself with the layout of the land beforehand so you know where to head once you’re let in, check out the official Disneyland map of Galaxy’s Edge and these incredible aerial photographs as well. The 8 AM groups have been entering through the middle Big Thunder entrance and later groups are being let in through the Critter Country entrance, so plan accordingly.

Get there as early as possible to be in the front of the pack for your reservation group

You can check-in at Star Wars Launch Bay for your reservation starting 2-hours before your reservation start time. Those with 8 AM reservations will be let into Disneyland Park early starting at 6 AM to check-in.

Being there as early as possible and queuing up immediately after getting your wristband ensures that you’re in the front of your reservation group when everyone’s let into the land. This is especially important if you want to do either get a drink at Oga’s Cantina or build a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop which we’ll detail more below.

8 AM groups have been instructed to line up in Tomorrowland starting between the Nemo Subs and Matterhorn and then being lead over to Galaxy’s Edge at approximately 7:45 AM.

Later reservation groups are being discouraged by Cast Members from actively lining up near their designated entrance near Hungry Bear in Critter Country. Sometimes there have been unofficial lines forming, but most of the time guests have been forced to hang out and hover nearby until somewhere between about 30 minutes before their reservation start time when a Cast Member gives the go-ahead for them to be led into the Resistance Base area and held there.

Wait to ride Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run until about 2 hours into your reservation window

The biggest mistake you can make is heading straight into the queue for Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run when you enter the land. This is when the line for the attraction spikes to the highest it will be during most of your reservation, usually at a 60+ minute wait. Go do other things instead and after a couple of hours, the line for the Falcon will have steadily gone down to just 20-30 minutes. We do however absolutely suggest riding it before the last hour of your reservation, as a new reservation group will be let into the land then and the line will spike back up again. The single-rider line has been available but skips almost all of the queue and storytelling, so would suggest saving that for a second ride if you have time. Also, single-riders are usually filling seats on otherwise full crews, so while it’s still possible they may get Pilot or Gunner, they will most often be given the job of Engineer.

Definitely head to the Cantina or Savi’s Workshop for the lightsaber building experience first if you want to do either of those at all

Cantina Line Opening Day

Head to the Cantina first if that’s on your must-do list, it’s been the most difficult to get into and unavailable after just a few minutes of new reservation groups being let into the land, with Savi’s following a few minutes after that. Those who didn’t get there early to be in the front of the pack in their reservation group are unlikely to be able to do these.

Savi’s Workshop Line

At the Cantina on June 2nd, they started taking phone numbers and text messaging guests with a 15-minute window to return to enter (similar to what they do at Lamplight Lounge in DCA) rather than just having them wait in a line the entire time with the line often capped. Make sure you and your whole crew use the refreshers (known as restrooms on Earth) before you return to enter the Cantina, there is no leaving and getting back in for now, even when nature calls.

We have mixed reports at Savi’s Workshop of them giving people a specific return time, giving an approximate return time like “be back in 20-40 minutes” or requiring at least one person in the party to wait in the courtyard until your group is called.

Divide and conquer by strategically working together with others in your group

Near-empty Marketplace in the morning shortly after guests were let into the land

Because of high demand, many of the shops and experiences right now require you to stand in lines to get into them and then again to check out, especially when the land is at capacity. If you’re traveling with someone else, it’s best that you split up while one of you waits in a line if at all possible.

It would be really difficult right now to do both the Cantina and Savi’s during a single 4-hour reservation window. The only way would be sending one person to head immediately to the Cantina line to put in for a return time, while the other goes immediately to Savi’s and hope that you’re able and finish your lightsaber build before you are texted you need to return to the Cantina within 15 minutes to be let in.

Packed Marketplace after 11AM, when a second reservation group was let into the land

If you’re in the 8AM-12PM group and only doing one of those two, we suggest the other person head to the Marketplace. It is nearly empty with no waits at that point but absolutely packed later on.

Splitting up like this will allow you to see more of the land and get more done in the limited amount of time.

Mobile Order your food, and do it early, so you’re not stuck waiting in long lines at peak meal times

Don’t waste precious time waiting in long lines to order at Docking Bay 7, Ronto Roasters or the Blue/Green Milk Stand, instead use the Mobile Order feature in the Disneyland app to skip the line and head straight to the designated counter to pick up your items. The Mobile Order timeslots around lunch and dinner fill up quickly, so if you wait to order until you want to actually eat, the return times may already be after the end of your reservation window, so make sure you order early.

Use the time windows when there’s only one reservation group in the land and it’s the least-crowded to your advantage. The early morning and late night groups have a big benefit in that regard

All of the reservation windows overlap by an hour, so the first group in the morning 8AM-12PM group has an advantage in that nobody else is in the land when they arrive and the land doesn’t spike up to capacity until another group is let in at 11 AM.

Similarly, the late night 8PM-12AM group gets an extra hour at the end of their reservation with fewer people in the land. Plus, guests are more likely to be tired at the end of a long day and leave a bit early as is the case in most of Disneyland. We’ve seen reports on social media that Black Spire late at night is also more relaxed and much less crowded.

For the rest of the reservation groups, the land is at capacity during the first and last hours of your reservation when it overlaps with other groups.

Disneyland Resort Hotel guests are able to change the day/time of their reservation, pending availability, at the designated Galaxy’s Edge reservation desk in their hotel, so you may consider trying to switch to the early morning or late night group if possible. Worth noting that some merchandise has also been selling out by the end of the day and then restocked the following day, so the early morning group has the advantage as far as that’s concerned.

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