(Last Updated 2/11/2020) We are doing our best to keep this up-to-date, but the information here is subject to change if Disney decides to change their policies. Always double-check the official Disneyland or Walt Disney World Galaxy’s Edge FAQs for the latest information before your visit, or ask a Disney Cast Member or Guest Services to verify. You will find the latest updated information on our Twitter account Happiest Place in the Galaxy.

When does Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge open?

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland opened to the public on May 31st, 2019 with limited advanced reservations and on June 24th, 2019 the land opened to all guests, with reservations no longer needed.

In Florida, the land opened to the public on August 29th, 2019 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Are the versions of Galaxy’s Edge the same in Disneyland and Walt Disney World?

Yes, physically the lands on both coasts are pretty much identical in size, layout, walking path width, dining options, attractions, etc. There are some minor differences like shade structures, paint colors, etc. The major difference is that the Disneyland version has one extra path into the land than the Hollywood Studios version will and the Walt Disney World version has room for an eventual additional attraction expansion pad. In terms of operations, food/beverage and entertainment, it is possible things may be run somewhat differently in Florida once Imagineering hands the land over to park operations there. There are a handful of unique dining and beverage options on each coast as well.

Are both of the major attractions available?

Disney opened the land in two phases at both Disneyland and Hollywood Studios. On opening days in both parks, the Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run attraction was open along with the rest of the Black Spire Outpost area including the cantina, all the restaurants, shops, photo opportunities, snack stands, the Resistance Base area, interactive Datapad Disney Play app experience, the paid lightsaber and droid building experiences, etc. Basically everything except…

The second major attraction, Rise of the Resistance, which opened first in Walt Disney World on December 5th, 2019 and then later in Disneyland on January 17th, 2020. This attraction is in very high demand and does require the use of a separate Boarding Pass system the day you want to experience it.

How do I get a Boarding Pass to ride the new Rise of the Resistance attraction?

Check out our article here for details and tips on how to get a Boarding Pass for this attraction.

How do I get into the high-demand Oga’s Cantina and Savi’s Workshop lightsaber building experiences?

Oga’s Cantina and the Savi’s Workshop lightsaber building experiences are some of the best and most popular experiences in the land, they both REQUIRE advance reservations, the official Disney pages for them have at times said “highly suggested” or “highly recommended”, but they are typically booked up everyday and walk-ins are typically not being allowed.

At Disneyland, reservations for Oga’s Cantina and Savi’s Workshop can be made through those respective links or in the Disneyland app. Reservations do tend to book up quickly, check out our article on them for more details. Disneyland reservations for these can be made starting 60-days out. Same-day reservations are no longer being opened up unless you happen to snag one when someone else cancels. No reservations are needed for the Droid Depot at Disneyland.

At Walt Disney World, because guests typically plan their visits further in advance, reservations for Oga’s Cantina, Savi’s Workshop, and the Droid Depot are currently available to book 6-months out from your trip with the rest of your dining and experience reservations. These experiences can be booked by clicking through the respective links above for each location or in the My Disney Experience app. The Droid Depot may also accommodate walk-ins each day, subject to availability, just like there is at the Disneyland location.

There are strictly enforced cancellation/no-show policies for all of these reservations which include fees of $10/Person for Oga’s Cantina, $199.99/Builder for Savi’s Lightsabers and $99.99/Builder for Droid Depot. Cancellations must be made by 11:59 PM the day prior to the reservation to avoid these fees.

Can I dress up in a costume or change into one I buy at a shop in the land? Will I be able to wear the items featured on your site into Galaxy’s Edge?

The official Disneyland no-costume policy for guests age 14+ is still in full-effect for Galaxy’s Edge. The policy states:

  • Costumes may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older
  • Masks may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older (unless they are for medical purposes)
  • Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics
  • Excessively torn clothing or loose fitting clothing which may drag on the ground and create a potential trip hazard
  • Clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment
  • Clothing with multiple layers are subject to search upon entry

Disneyland Vice President Kris Theiler told the OC Register, “We believe that our current costume policy allows a lot of Disney bounding and opportunity to come and live your story.” See below for more info on Disney Bounding.

Walt Disney World’s policy is very similar and can be viewed here.

After a couple weeks of the land being open at Disneyland, the Disney Parks Blog released some additional information and guidelines:

Permitted attire includes:

  • Bounding: piecing together traditional clothing items that when worn together, serve as a recognizable tribute to Star Wars characters
  • Batuuan attire: wearing outfits inspired by the villagers of Batuu—muted tones, vests, layers, etc.

Not permitted attire includes:

  • All robes or military-style attire
  • Masks, face paint, elaborate headwear, blasters or holsters (lightsabers are allowed) or hard items such as body armor, helmets or kneepads
  • Full character suits

The costume policy also applies to items and costumes you purchase in the shops in Galaxy’s’ Edge, as Disney also previously told the OC Register. Guests will not be able to buy items in the land and change into them if they are ages 14+. We’ve also confirmed there are signs next to the costumes for sale in the land reminding guests about the costume policy. Disney has long sold adult costume items like Jedi robes and Stormtrooper helmets in the Star Wars Launch Bay and Star Traders stores and guests age 14+ are not allowed to wear those in the parks either.

Signage next to Jedi robes in Galaxy's Edge: Theme park rules prohibit costumes worn by guests age 14 and older. For costumes worn in the theme parks by guests age 13 and younger, please take care to ensure proper length and fit as clothing that drags on the ground is prohibited.
Signage next to Jedi robes for sale in Galaxy’s Edge

Especially in these early days, when Disney’s policies seem to be changing frequently and inconsistently enforced by security Cast Members we would not risk wearing something questionable. Disney could not admit you into the parks unless you throw away or return the item to your vehicle/hotel. Or they could ask you to leave if you somehow make it through security but other Cast Members decide it violates the costume policy and you’re unable to take off the offending items or change into something else. If you’re not sure if something meets the guidelines, suggest going the process for getting pre-approval from Guest Services before your visit detailed below.

Important to keep in mind: the main reason behind Disney’s policy is they don’t want guests mistaking another guest in a costume as a Disney character performer or employee and be held liable for any negative interactions between them. Even during special events like the Halloween parties, where certain adults costumes are allowed, guests in costumes cannot take photos with other guests.

We have tried our best to only include items in our curated collections and featured on our site we believe you should be able to wear into the Disney Parks and Galaxy’s Edge, but it’s your responsibility to use your best judgment to make sure all items adhere to Disney’s Costume and Dress Policy and ultimately Disney’s decision on whether your outfit violates their policy, but things like Jedi robes and Stormtrooper armor are definitely NOT allowed for guests age 14+.

Disney will often allow you to put on a Jedi robe, or other items typically not allowed in order to take a photo with them on, but the items should then be removed.

What is Disney Bounding? Can I do it in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

“Bounding” uses the colors, style and design elements of your clothing and accessories to pay homage to a particular character, franchise, movie, property, snack, pin, attraction, etc. The idea is to capture the essence of what you’re referencing with more everyday clothing items, rather than full-on costume pieces.

It’s a way fans have created to have fun with what they wear, while still adhering to the Disney Costume policy in the parks (or just for fun in their day-to-day lives at school, work, etc). Some people for Galaxy’s Edge will want to pay homage to their favorite existing Star Wars characters, while others will want to create a unique persona through their clothing to live out their own Star Wars Story.

Star Wars costumes were influenced by vintage science-fiction like Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and Metropolis, World War II films, old Westerns, Japanese director Akira Kurosawa’s samurai movies as well as both avant-garde and traditional fashion from the around the world. They also often include more modern, military or geometric design elements.

We’re sharing and featuring some of our favorite looks from Galaxy’s Edge in our Instagram Stories and saving them as Story Highlights. We’re also working on some more in-depth articles about the style influences of Star Wars costuming and how to translate those into more wearable looks for the parks, but also suggest checking out our curated idea lists on Amazon or the hashtags #starwarsstyle, #starwarsbound or #disneybound on Instagram for additional inspiration.

We’re encouraging people to share their looks specifically for Galaxy’s Edge with the hashtags #BatuuBound or #GalacticOutfitters. We’ve also started a Facebook Group for people to share their ideas or interesting items they find, ask questions and more!

I’m not sure if a certain item or my planned outfit meets the costume policy, what do I do?

We would suggest taking pictures of the outfit and items and send it along with a kindly-worded email to Disneyland Guest Relations guest.services@disneyland.com or Walt Disney World at guest.services@disneyworld.com explaining that you are planning a Disney Bound and want to do your best to adhere to the costume policy, but also want to ensure you aren’t going to have to leave items at security or be denied entrance.

It’s possible Guest Relations may come back with things they want you to change (ie: length of an item that makes it too much like an actual Jedi robe, etc). You can then follow up with photos of any requested changes you make and hopefully get approval. We would definitely print a copy of that and bring it with you in case there’s a question or issue at security to prove it was approved by Guest Relations.

It’s obviously always easier to just edit questionable items out of your look and come up with an idea for something similar.

Now that reservations to get into Galaxy’s Edge are no longer needed at Disneyland, what time should I get to the park for my visit?

Because Disneyland is such a locals and Annual Pass heavy park, many guests visit often and don’t show up until after 12 PM, use that to your advantage by showing up early. Rope dropping, where you enter the park before the official opening time and are held at the hub until allowed into the land by Cast Members, is one of the best and only ways to guarantee access into the land on busy days.

Unless you’re in the very front of the rope drop crowd, we absolutely do not suggest heading right into the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run queue, that’s when the line has consistently been spiking to its highest length of the entire day. Instead, go check out Dok-Ondar’s shop and the Marketplace which will be much quieter while everyone else stands in line at the Falcon.

If you want to experience the new Rise of the Resistance attraction on either coast, you will need to rope drop and be scanned into the park before the official park opening time in order to secure a Boarding Pass. See our article here for more information.

Will I need to wait in a line just to get into Galaxy’s Edge? I’ve heard they are doing a virtual queue?

After the first day the land was fully open to the public at Disneyland on June 24th, and Hollywood Studio August 29th, the land has just been available to just walk in at anytime while the respective parks are open.

Will there be Extra Magic Hours in Galaxy’s Edge for Disneyland Resort Hotel guests? What about Walt Disney World and Extra Morning Magic or After Hours events?

For Disneyland, no, Galaxy’s Edge is not included in Extra Magic Hours for Disneyland Resort Hotel Guests, always possible Disney may change that in the future if there’s demand for it.

Extra Magic Hours in the morning do not grant guests earlier access to the Boarding Pass system for the Rise of the Resistance attraction on either coast, distribution of Boarding Passes starts at the official public park opening time each day for all guests.

Galaxy’s Edge is open for Extra Magic Hours at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, but only Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run is available to ride along with the shops and dining. The Rise of the Resistance attraction is not open during Extra Magic Hours at this time.

Disney has not announced if they’ll be doing the separate paid “Extra Morning Magic” or “After Hours” events for Galaxy’s Edge in Florida.

Will FastPass/MaxPass/FastPass Plus be available for Galaxy’s Edge attractions? What about Single Rider lines?

On January 23rd, 2020 Disney announced that FastPass+ reservations for Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run will be available for guests visiting Hollywood Studios in Florida on or after February 19th, 2020. On February 11th, 2020 Disney announced that FastPass and MaxPass for the attraction would be coming “soon” to Disneyland Park in CA, but did not specify an exact date.

FastPass/MaxPass/FastPass+ and Standby are all currently not available for the extremely popular new Rise of the Resistance attraction at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World which uses the separate Boarding Pass virtual queue system. Disney says they will continually reevaluate when they are able to offer FastPass for the attraction.

There are single-rider lines for Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, but this does skip most of the queue and storytelling, so best used for repeat rides. Single Riders on Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run will also likely be given the position of Engineer most of the time. As we’ve seen with other attractions, single-rider may not necessarily be made available at all times.

There is no Single Rider option for the Rise of Resistance attraction on either coast at this time.

I have an issue with my lightsaber, droid, or other merchandise bought in Galaxy’s Edge, what do I do?

If you’re still visiting the parks, you can go to Guest Services or speak to a Cast Member at the store location it’s from.

If you’re already back home, you should contact Disney Parks Merchandise Guest Services by telephone at 877-560-6477 or by email at
Merchandise.Guest.Services@DisneyParks.com and they will assist you.

Have a question we didn’t answer here? Check the official Disneyland or Walt Disney World Galaxy’s Edge FAQs for the latest. Or let us know on our Twitter, Instagram or our Facebook group and we’ll do our best to answer it!